Your Goal Physique


The Truth

I'm no different than anyone else. I've had successes, failures, and everything in between so far in my fitness journey. Allow me to help you, so you can avoid some of the mistakes everyone makes, and get on the fastest route to your goal physique! Here's a little about my journey.

A New Physique is Born

I've always been the skinny kid, and after a while, I started to get tired of it. I was small, and none too confident of my physique. In 2014, my mom gave me my first TRAIN magazine, and I found inspiration in some of the stories, and decided to change my physique. It was time to get bigger, stronger, and feel better about my overall health.
(Right): It's difficult to find a photo of my old physique, but this one at least shows my arm size a bit (and my dancing skills). My friend Joe on the left, I'm the one on the right.

Many Mistakes

I started working out at home with what we had in the basement, and I made a lot of mistakes, in nutrition and in working out. But, I was making progress and decided to start cracking down on nutrition and form. I watched every video from every fitness guru I could online, and made some pretty good progress over the next year.
(Left): This is about 6 months after I started training seriously (this was June of 2015). I was impressed with my results, and decided to keep it up!

Calories, calories

The following year I started tracking my nutrition, and after moving and being unable to get to the gym for a few months (life got hectic), I decided to start tracking my calories and cut down on body fat. (Right) Taken about two weeks after my cut ended, this picture was about a year after the previous one (May 2016). I'm a little bigger, and quite a bit leaner.

It Continues

Now, my calorie tracking and weightlifting continues. I feel like I've built a solid foundation of a physique, and am now trying to focus on bringing up some weaker points. I'll be cutting down in May, and you can be sure to see more photo updates, as I get closer to my own goal physique! (Left): One of the things I'm focusing on is my upper chest. Still not where I'd like it, but it's getting there.