Your Goal Physique


What is Your Goal Physique?

YGPhysique is an online coaching/personal training business created with one goal in mind: Help others achieve their fitness goals. That in mind, we strive to do so in a way that works AROUND your lifestyle, instead of in a way that CONTROLS your lifestyle. Interested? Keep reading!

No Meal Plans, No Supplements

Instead of controlling (and sometimes poor tasting) meal plans, here we develop NUTRITION PLANS. Instead of loading up on expensive supplements, that honestly don't work for most people, we believe in doing things naturally. By eliminating these two things, you save money and retain the freedom to go out and eat with your friends and family. You can enjoy the foods you love and still get in the shape you want!

Nutrition Plan > Meal Plan

So what is a nutrition plan, as opposed to a meal plan? Let's start with the meal plan:
  • Meal plans give you the foods you are (and often times aren't) allowed to eat
  • They generally don't explain why they're working; it's simply "eat this, don't eat this" and rinse/repeat every day
  • Lack variety, and lack in personalization
Now, what exactly is a nutrition plan?
  • A goal, based on your caloric (calories) needs and activity level
  • Allows you to eat foods you enjoy, as long as you stay within your calories
  • Gives you a good idea of how your body works, and how foods affect you, as it teaches you the value of calories/nutrition

As head coach of YGPhysique, I strive to give people results that LAST. I'm not here to stick you on a copy/paste meal plan, tell you to just believe it'll work, and hope you can stick it through. That helps nobody but me, and that's not what YGPhysique is about.

Why No Supplements? Are they bad?

When I say "no supplements" I'm not forbidding them, or saying there's absolutely no use for them. I'm saying they aren't necessary, and that they should be the absolute last part of any sort of nutrition and fitness plan, once everything else is dialed in. Their name says it all, supplements should do just that. They shouldn't be the base of your fat loss or muscle building goals, they should simply support it, and give you that extra little nudge if you need it. Consider the following example:

You've never worked out before, and want to lose a few pounds. So, you start eating healthy foods, replace sugary drinks with water, you start running and going to the gym, and start taking a fat burning supplement. You lose 20 lbs! Great! Now, why did you lose that weight? How do you keep it off? Did the supplement help? It's hard to tell what really did it. The food? Running and going to the gym? Fat burning supplement?

It's best to start simple, and work your way from there. Get on a nutrition plan, and get on a fitness routine. Set some goals, work towards them, and adjust from there. I guarantee you'll be surprised with what your body can do!

My Promise To You

Here at YGPhysique, I have a few criteria that I require myself to meet and will hold myself accountable to. They are the following:
  • Help you achieve your physique/fitness goals in a way that compliments your lifestyle
  • Teach you about calories, your body, and how everything ties together so you can continue to get results even after your goals are met, and maintain the goals I help you achieve
  • Personally design for you a fitness plan that compliments your lifestyle, and your goals
  • Provide you only with information and advice that helps you get your goals, instead of selling you on supplements that will only drain your wallet
  • Answer any questions you have about fitness, nutrition, or supplementation honestly


Now, if all of this sounds like something you'd like to explore, then here's my invitation to you: Head over to my Online Coaching Process page. This will lay out how online coaching works, and what you can expect from it. Want more of a one-time deal? Check out my Consultations/Programs page.  Don't buy in to tasteless meal plans and supplementation. Learn about your body, learn how nutrition works and use that information to put in the work to achieve your goals! I hope to hear from you soon.
Your future coach,
Chris Naples
Gain strength in the gym or at home!

Build muscle/strength at home or in the gym!

Online coaching includes a fitness routine based on your goals, or try out one of my pre-made programs!
Eat foods you love!

Eat foods you enjoy!

No choking down supplements, and no "copy/paste" meal plans - I will tailor your nutrition plan to fit your needs.
Tracking measurements with weight is important

Achieve your goal physique

Everything is based off your personal goals. Learn about your body, proper nutrition, and get the physique you desire!